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01-24-2017 0 She may be sugar and spice but I bet that pretty pussy tastes nice! But the only one destined to taste that pretty snatch sundae was sexy Mandy! Watch as these giggly naughty hotties gurgle love goo in this steamy episode!
01-24-2017 0 Sammie wants to win our radio contest. She's ready to take any dare we throw at her, even a hole-stretching double stuffin' most certainly deemed obscene by the FCC! Our throbbing beacons of thrust will get her screams heard for miles around!
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01-24-2017 0 Tall, dark, and blonde we offered LaRin a job modeling at exotic car shows, but of course we had to take a look under the hood and check all of her fluids first! Fasten your seatbelt, grab your shifter and hold on tight were taking you on another fast and furious DP joyride.
01-24-2017 0 We know that MILF's love discounts so we sent the MILF Seekers to a discount store where they found Dakota who couldn't pass up our exclusive offer; Two cute studs for the low, low price of one raw MILF pussy.
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01-24-2017 0 We got Italian cutie Gabriella with the promise of a little fun and wound up with a whole lot more! This pretty honey got more meat than a delicatessen but will she take her delivery in the rear? Tune in and find out!
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01-24-2017 0 Dallas is so hot, it's a wonder the camera didn't melt while filming. Sure, I wish this was a hardcore scene, so we could see that cute mouth of his wrapped around a nice, hard shaft, but where this guy is concerned, I'll take what I can get!
01-24-2017 0 We caught up with Rio who is originally from Brazil. She was a little strapped for cash so she didn't mind coming over to hang out. In no time at all, the GBS Squad had her taking in 4 big black cocks. Watch as Rio gets gangbanged in this week's episode!!!
01-24-2017 0 Is this your dog? Oh my God! Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you! We were so worried. Please come in while I try to think of a way to repay you. I don't really have any money, but I'm sure there's something we could do for you...with you. We can repay you in a way you'll never forget....
01-24-2017 0 Sam was stuck in a blizzard while on a business trip, and ended up sharing a hotel room with Zak, a guy who was basically a total stranger. You can't stay a stranger for long once you start sucking a man's cock though, and soon they are close enough that Zak thinks nothing of letting Sam plow his ass with reckless abandon!
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01-24-2017 0 Tanya was only making minimum wage working as a waitress, so we wanted to find out what she'd be willing to do to make a little extra money. But once again we found the real question was: what WON'T a strapped cutie do for some cash these days? We're still waiting to find out!
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01-24-2017 0 Alonna is a half Filipino, half Hawaiian lady who's experienced in the ancient oriental mystical arts. After meeting our friend Derek she offers to read his palms and it turns out that Derek is destined to make a lot of money soon AND he'll be getting some hot Asian sex in the near future...
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01-24-2017 0 Another virgin ass bites the dust! Riccardo called us over to help him set-up his extremely horny albeit straight roommate, Mason. He has a girlfriend, but when we find him playing with the vibrator and looking at the gay porn we planted we knew we'd have him hooked on cock in no time.
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01-24-2017 0 Billy Thunder, Jason Black, Lucas Rio, Rick Valentine, Sebastian Jaymz -- You get these fucking studs together for a party, you better believe the action is gonna be hot, heavy and most importantly, hung! These studs take turns tasting each other's meaty treats before playing some rock, paper, cock to decide WHO is gonna be on the bottom!
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01-24-2017 0 Party over here party over there, party on the dance floor. Move the party off the floor and give your partner a lap dance. There might not be any sex in the champaign room, but this ain't your local strip club. This is a house party so tune in and watch these stripped down dudes do the suck n' fuck bump n' grind!
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