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07-23-2017 0 Charley's new to LA and we're going to show her just how friendly and open the people are here. Our plan is to BREAK her in by STRETCHING her out, but first we've got to get her to OPEN up! CUM in and find out how far we get after convincing her she's moved into a nudist colony....
07-23-2017 0 When drµnk college guys meet up with weightlifting equipment, someone's gonna be pumping alot more than iron! As pretty Blake gave in to the power of Michael's meaty muscle he assumed the position for a little "Rectal Rootering!" Let's get this party started!
07-23-2017 0 Veronica's not the babe next door, she's a the super sexy MILF next door! After being away on business, two sturdy stud neighbors helped bring in her bags. They couldn't help make a pass at her while they had the opportunity - And she couldn't help think that a couple of hot cum loads would wash the stress of work away!
07-23-2017 0 Jeremy's new lover Jack has a lot going for him; cute face, trim body, a nice thick cock and a gift for fellatio. He also makes adorable little grunting sounds when he's being fucked in the ass; always a major turn-on for a top like Jeremy.
07-23-2017 0 Anarah's ass is just what Andre was looking for -- tight, round, moist and ready for a serious pounding!
07-23-2017 0 Uh oh! Rod's on a rampage and Doran better have his money! But alas, this loser doesn't have the cash, but needs to pay up. Doran, panicing offers up his wife, Amber, for a "quickie" but Rod's gonna get his money's worth with this housewife hussy! Maybe we'll come back next week to collect interest!
07-23-2017 0 Looking sweet on the outside but naughty to the core... Veronica wants you to watch her get fucked "you dirty pervert!" Screams of pleasure and pain as she is double stuffed by two huge cocks and then given a double load of hot jiz!
07-23-2017 0 The Squad has a cravin' for Asian today, and Lyla Lei is the perfect dish. The guys take her back to the studio, and share Lyla's flavors, buffet style!
07-23-2017 0 Unleashed and Horny. Down and Dirty. Ruff and Tuff. Up, Down, and all over the snatch. These ladies leave no pussies unattended, and keep everything wet.
07-23-2017 0 Kiana was having some car trouble and being the good boy scouts that we are we stopped to help her out. We told her that we wanted to get our last patch. Little did she know that the patch we were looking for was in her pants. Thanks for the pussy patch Kiana!
07-23-2017 0 After seeing the new landscaper working in her yard, Sophia decided she had to have his cock in her mouth and then inside her pussy. The help pounded her tight cunt in many ways and finally busted his nut in her mouth for her to swallow.
07-23-2017 0 On a pissy day, Scarlett has to cover for a slacker co-worker. But when a stripper-gram shows up, she takes the opportunity to drop the faxes, AND her skirt. She's accustomed to ram-rodding deals through, but now she's on the receiving end of the dick, so to speak. She's playing a different kind of hard-ball, and someone's got to crack this nut and ride this deal through to its climax!
07-23-2017 0 We didn't tell these couples that we were going to have them Wife Switch when they signed up to make a movie. Our experiment could have backfired with Brandy, but Bella wasn't going to let that happen! Since she's not having sex with her own husband, she's convinced Brandy to stay and let her play with Mr. Lynn
07-23-2017 0 Tropical drinks aren't the only juices flowing at this Orgy Sex Party. With so many perfect melons and bananas bouncing and pouncing the babes are dripping cream until they're sipping up the hot lava flows that cum following the volcanic climax of this Hot, Hot, Hot episode!
07-23-2017 0 Sexy Riley never stood a chance as Sammie let her fingers do the walking all over those pretty curves! Watch this hot ginger slut munch some tasty twat and take all eight inches of Sammie's strap-on friend for her first lesbian sex!
07-23-2017 0 We were out cruising for fur burger when we found Michelle shopping for furniture. We thought that maybe we could help each other out - come back and fuck us at our place, and we'll hook her up with some cash so she can fuck guys at her place!
07-23-2017 0 When Sophia decided to do the dishes, she really decided to do the dishes. In this episode watch as our little darling climbs up on the countertop to lay on her back as she shoehorns the business end of her dish-sponge in and out of her asshole. We can't wait to see how she does the laundry!
07-23-2017 0 Pretty Ricky thought he cud hang wit tha gangsta styley. He dint know we's gonna put a cap in his tight lil ass. Watch us put dis playa hatin bitch on the floor, fill him fulla some 12 inch cock shells and yell out for Big Poppa.
07-23-2017 0 Chelsea is in with Sophia kneeling, her head tilted back and a platter aloft watching the trails as more spit splatters off. A special scene like this requires a bit of a poet to capture its essence before you download it. So start the transfer lickity-split before these two divas are all out of spit!
07-23-2017 0 We found ex-football coach, Dakota, working construction. After everyone else has gone home he takes us to the job site so that we can get a better look at his tool. Up on a ladder and stripped down he shows us where he likes to get drilled before finishing the job all by himself.
07-23-2017 0 This sexy blonde ladyboy had an eagle eye for sexy hunks and she was definitely gonna bury her mystery meat in Mike's confused ass! Watch Jesse turn the tables on another straight stud in this one!
07-23-2017 0 Felix and Karoline take turns sucking each others' cocks as a prelude to Karoline pounding Felix in the ass and cumming in his mouth.
07-23-2017 0 cute and sexy Kat found out she could squirt at the delicate age of 18. Now 19, she is ready to reveal and show off her special squirting ability. Cum see this cute tramp turn her skanky ass out and show you the lost art of pussy projection. Tell me this doesn't leave you thirsty for more?
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07-23-2017 0 When we saw this piece of fresh meat walking down the street, we were overcome by a craving for bearded baby clam. After generously contributing to Elli's culinary education, she gave us private lessons in the 'French arts'. She got us fired up pretty quickly, but we slow roasted our sausages in her hot little oven, leaving her well basted with our special sauce.
07-23-2017 0 Cum join this writhing gash bash as they rim and pleasure each other with their magic sticks. Leading to a creamy finish that has everyone moaning with ecstacy.
07-23-2017 0 Sexy Isis promised warm salty cum shower and boy did she deliver! As she primed her cock holster, Billy couldn't resist playing oil baron by drilling that hot twat for her liquid gold! Watch us strike it rich with pussy juices in this one!!
07-23-2017 0 Sexy brunette Rebecca couldn't wait to slobber all over the HUGE MONSTER COCK we brought her. She took that mammoth man-meat balls deep in her throat and pussy, screaming and squealing like a wild animal while her tight pussy was stretched wide and she was fucked into submission!
07-23-2017 0 It was Lexi and Rocco's second time on Wife Switch, and they weren't sure it would be able to live up to Round 1. By the time Lexi had Mark's cock deep inside her and Rocco was pounding Monica from behind, though, they knew that when it comes to swinging, practice makes perfect.
07-23-2017 0 After a leisurely stroll down the beach, Matthew and Nash decide to head poolside for a look at the scene there. As it turns out, there *were* the scene there, since nobody else was around... and when there's nobody else around, Matthew and Nash have a tendency to get naughty.
07-23-2017 0 Mia needed help moving some couches so we went over to her house. She showed her gratitude by helping herself to our big black cocks. Watch us stretch this lil lady until her pussy pit gapes wider than the Grand Canyon... And we guarantee she won't be moving any time soon after this episode!
07-23-2017 0 If you can't think of anything better than watching beautiful ladies doing nasty things to each other, this is the place for you. Cum on in and get a close-up look at two bubble gum pink pussies getting spread wide and cumming hard!
07-23-2017 0 Summer has just arrived in town and the Milf Seeker guys are only happy to welcome her. Not getting any at home from the hubby this hot MILF has a large appetite to fill. Before long the guys are filling both holes for some hot summer DP.
07-23-2017 0 Just barely legal Tia Sweet came to us to show off her pleasantly plump ass. With a hunger almost as big as her ass she just loves to eat and be eaten. So we fed her our beef sticks and moved on to desert. Oh what a sweet meal it was with plenty to go around. So cum on by and enjoy the feast!
07-23-2017 0 Mr. & Mrs. Meyers are interested in inviting one of Mrs. Meyers' co-workers to fuck her. Mrs. Meyers, aka Aaralyn, is a sexy cute blonde who wants to fulfill a fantasy not to mention her hubby wants to see her get nailed. Cum inside & see all the steamy action!
07-23-2017 0 Rookie guys Kiko and Dominik are a couple of struggling DJ's who are about to turn more than just tables. With the offer of some serious cash for these gay first timers to have sex right then and there, these gay virgins waste no time in getting their meaty cocks into each others hungry mouths.
07-23-2017 0 Check out this hottie! We've got lots of cash and a twink willing to drop his drawers for a shot at fame. You know what that won't be long until he drops down into doggie position and takes a pounding!
07-23-2017 0 Ahhhhh yeah, hammered honey's are the BOMB! This barfly mama was staggering around outside a bar when we saw her. We told her she won a prize and she bought it, not too hard considering she was tanked! We got her back to our place and let's just say... blitzed bitches will let you do anything to them! Don't miss out on this week's Shit-Faced MILF!
07-23-2017 0 Ordinarily, Guilles hates it when his friends get jism on the furniture... but in exchange for sucking his cock, he's happy to let Javier shoot spunk on the sofa.
07-23-2017 0 Anthony teams up for the first time with new found friend Darrian and encounters 20 years old Latino bottom Danillo on his way to a fashion modeling class. Danillo is single and soon gets His First Huge Cock!
07-23-2017 0 When he showed up to fix the clogged drain in Kayla's pool, the repairman found that Kayla had another job in mind for him -- pounding her tight snatch!
07-23-2017 0 "Ever since I turned 18, I guess I've wanted to have fun and it sucks having to live under my parents roof." the new neighbor babe told Lexi. " Well I'm kinda glad you got locked out of your house."
07-23-2017 0 Things seem peachy as the couples meet, but Lee has Jekyll in him and jealousy rears it's ugly head when the clothes come off. As Sledge bangs Friday's mouth with his copious cock, Lee jackhammers Claires honey pot with his poke pole. Unbenownced to him, his rage is Claire's salvation since a good hard banging is just what she needs to cum all night long.
07-23-2017 0 Don, a 21 year-old bisexual fella who says that personality is as important to him as good looks. He was a little awkward performing on camera at first, but after talking about his desires and turn-ons for a bit, he warmed up and gave us a good little jackoff show!
07-23-2017 0 Anita and Carol are both Grade A meat with flawless skin and clean shaven pink pussies, and they can't wait to make each other cum. Anita's tongue lingers on Carol's hard nipples before she lodges a vibrating rabbit into Carols hot honey pot, making her scream as she gets the G-spot.
07-23-2017 0 The Seekers were in desperate need of a pick-me-up when they ran into this Bartending MILF, Christina. This slut was defiantly top shelf and we were dying to shove our Dreamsicles into her Blue Lagoon. She accepted a little Southern Comfort and took our Alabama Slammers like a pro! We thanked her for her all the Screwdrivers by leaving her a little White Tiger's Milk all over her face. Don't miss out on this week's action!
07-23-2017 0 Josh was a simple conquest, just the mention of some easy cash caught this cute twink's attention. He got into our car, and $1000 later we got into his ass-cavity, leaving a sticky surprise along with his money!
07-23-2017 0 Aarielle had plans to go swimming but when some creepy guys started following her she asked us for a ride around the corner. Better yet, we invited her to use our pool. She never saw the water but she did get plenty wet when we did some deep DP diving in her virgin ass before filling her mouth with a pool of CUM!
07-23-2017 0 After a brief introduction we found out Luc was on his way to hockey practice. He agreed to come home with us instead. When he saw the size of our sticks his ass cheeks clinched! We managed to pry them open and made sure once we were in he wouldn't forget his first huge cock!
07-23-2017 0 Kamrin and Mark had a long day working out and showing off their fantastic muscular bodies at the beach. They hit the showers, and got in some bedroom cardio! These oily muscle men know how to have a good time and have the hard cocks to prove it!

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