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09-30-2016 0 Attention all dedicated squirt lovers: you were so amazed and enthralled by her first performance and we have heard your pleas, so we have brought her back to inundate your desktop once more, please let your cocks stand at attention for the legendary squirt goddess Annie!! And you thought you got wet the first time!!
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09-30-2016 0 The guys of reparations are trying to collect once again this week. They found themselves a barely legal (18+) shy lady named Karen. This little black - endowed Goth became a "star" because her horoscope told her to "try something new". It forgot to warn her it might be a big black dick!!
09-30-2016 0 Skyler was good at playing football but not at math so his mother hired a tutor. Turns out the this tutor pitches for the other team and had more than just studying on his mind...He would do Skyler's homework if the jock would let his horn be played then have his first homeCUMing in the tutors backyard!
09-30-2016 0 If you crave beefcake don't let locker jocks Josh and Jimmy fool you. They look tough and hard on the outside but they're sweet and tender on the inside. These guys enjoy a good rub down followed by the kind of workout that you'll find rubout worthy.
09-30-2016 0 Scott is returning to switch out his new wife Jessica, an exotic exhibitionist ready to show her new hubbie that although she likes to lick pussy, she wont ditch him for a lesbian lover like his ex did! Joey hopes that shy Kylie will learn to loosen up - with Jessica and Scott's help, it looks like Kylie was more than ready to experience new things.
09-30-2016 0 Once again our hungry guys went down to their favorite hotdog stand where they met soccer mom Drunna. Drunna's been married for 12 years but regrets never having diddled two guys at once when she had the chance in college. Lucky for her our guys were just as hungry for MILF taco as they were for hotdogs, so they brought her back to the studio to show her exactly what she's been missing out on all of these years.
09-30-2016 0 Sinde had been waiting 19 long years for that one great big dick to come along and she was beginning to lose hope. What ever would a poor Kansas hottie do if she lived her whole life and never got that big dick she always wanted? Well we've got good news Sinde! We have for you two massive well weighted 24inch cocks for you to stuff in every one of your holes and live that cram of yours!
09-30-2016 0 When John and Zane told stressed out Debbie that they were going to school to become massage therapists she jumped at the chance to get a free rub down. She never expected that they'd end up rubbing every inch of her body, except for her back!
09-30-2016 0 Morgan was interested in getting into the porn industry. She definitely came to the right place. She had never had a big cock before so we figured that had to change. In order to make it big she had to be able to take it big! And take it she did!
09-30-2016 0 Jumping into the swingers game three months into their marriage is not what pretty Penny had in mind. When Mark plays Penny's "slot", Monica leaves her heels on and kicks out a rockin' cowgirl on Alex's woody. With a butt like that, it should be insured under the "valuable assets-other" column.
09-30-2016 0 This MILF was easy to convince to get in the van and was even easier to convince to let us into her pants. When we got her back to the studio we told her to take a load off.. and after we fucked her.. we blew our ball batter all over her face.
09-30-2016 0 My girlfriend Miranda (you probably remember reading about her in my journals) and I were making out on my bed when she asked me to teach her how to be a better whore. I forced her to gag on my strap-on then I fucked her tight pussy so hard that she bit her own arm with ecstasy. When she took over and did the same to me, things really got out of control... enjoy!
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09-30-2016 0 Kirra doesn't like that Cris is playing on 'her court' so she challenges him to a game of hoops - Winner gets the court! When she realizes that there's no way she can beat Cris on the court, she offers to fuck for it instead! SLAM DUNK!
09-30-2016 0 Ann so desperately wanted to have a chance to prove she sucks a mean dick, that she bent upside down so Danny could fuck her throat. This babe was raw energy and got so sweaty trying to make him pop as fast as she could. She gets totally blasted at the end for all her efforts and is left covered in cum and sweat with a big smile on her face!
09-30-2016 0 What better place to find a rich lonely bitch than at the fucking mall. Cruz spotted this hottie shopping for undies in Victoria's Secret. We got her out to the car after some of my smooth talking and well she just showed us how sexually neglected she was, perhaps her old man could learn a thing about how to satisfy his woman from MILFSEEKER!!
09-30-2016 0 We spotted Carly walking out of the music store needing tickets for the concert tonight. We had a better idea in mind: To stick our backstage passes into her tight little ass! Watch us play her far better than we could any guitar!
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09-30-2016 0 It's time for another makeover! This bubbly beauty has an ass that demands attention! We weren't gonna let that choice piece run off-- no way! We had to to pimp, lick and hit that shit! Mercedes couldn't wait to suck cock and get fucked for the silver screen! Watch her ride like a good lil' ho!
09-30-2016 0 With a name like "Jordan Deep," you have to be ready to accept a BIG cock all the way from its tip down to its base... or a massive plastic toy will work, too. As this hot 'n heavy romp with Jaymz shows, Jordan's moniker is very accurate indeed!
09-30-2016 0 After 140 push-ups Lexxx is going to show us his favorite 'tension release routine.' First he titillates us by showing off his ripped bod complete with 16 gauge guns and six pack abs. Followed up by a healthy slathering of oil all over these parts and the plump muscle he soon turns his attention to.
09-30-2016 0 Veronica and Jack are anxiously awaiting the couple they will become swingers with, however, Veronica is enraged when she recognizes her ex, Mick stroll into the room. Mick's wife Angelica sooths Veronica's anger, and before you know it, the four are bouncing and grinding to the beat of the same orgy drum.
09-30-2016 0 Mikey turns to his buddy Otto for relationship advice. Otto's advice? Find yourself a whore, not a honeyfriend. Mackenzie was the right honey for the job, and Otto even got a piece of the action for himself!
09-30-2016 0 Marian the Czech pool stud is always up for having new experiences -- and fortunately for Mike, sucking cock turned out to be right up Marian's alley!
09-30-2016 0 Dora shows up at a monastery decked out like a bride dressed in white and behaving like she's betrothed to the resident monks. All she REALLY wants is to marry her orifices to their cocks for about half an hour! The blue-balled monks unleash the fury of their heretical dorks and for benediction they anoint the slut with fountains of consecrated jizz!
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09-30-2016 0 It's kind of exciting to know that no ones had sex in this house yet! Commission on a house like this must be at least 30 grand! That's a lot of money for a days work and a little hanky-panky!! Marcus said to their eighteen year old real estate agent. I don't do business that way! she said... But this swinging couple really know how to close a deal!
09-30-2016 0 Our man Sam found this cute twink couple snapping some pics so he invited them back to his place to take some more intimate shots. It wasn't long before the promise of payment lured them to whip out their HUGE COCKS and the photo sessions became and guy on guy on guy double team!
09-30-2016 0 Jada is willing to joining hubbie Snoop in shagging another couple- on 1 condition: they must be black. Kylie and Chris, however are down for anything, including a nice, nasty, inter-racial fuck. Jada takes a little convincing from Kylie, and after that her worries about sex with Chris are down to 1: can handle his big white cock...
09-30-2016 0 It always seems to start innocently enough, doesn't it? Brooke, Carli and Lisa were hanging out talking about college and boys, and discovered that one of them had not been getting the hard hammer from her man. Well, this sisterhood couldn't let one of their own go unsatisfied, so they parted her pretty pink peach and went muff-munching! Once the juices started flowing, it didn't take long for the frisky first time lesbians to break out the dildos, strap-ons and fuck for friendship!
09-30-2016 0 Violation of cute pussy is how we're rollin' today. We told Sally we needed a leading lady for our horror flick. She came back to the set where she stars in her first role "White Bitch Takes 32 Feet of Black Meat"! See all of the horror in this throat gagging, hole gaping, ass licking, cum dripping award winner!
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09-30-2016 0 Alright fellas, this week we've got a hot one! She was supposed to be headed to Heff's mansion hoping to be one of his new girlfriends but we snagged her first! We got this Swedish Mama back to the studio and poked a few more holes in her swiss cheese! Don't miss out on this week's Swiss Miss MILF!
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09-30-2016 0 Innocent Georgia thinks she's meeting Larin and Tiffany for a modeling job. They definitely wanted her see her body... but she didn't expect them to want to feel and taste it too! It was easy to get her naked but it took a little sultry babe on babe seduction to convince her to savor her first time lesbian orgasm!
09-30-2016 0 It's jet set meets cock rocket as these lovely socialites give hedonism a chance! These jet set cuties took turns polishing John's knob and taking every inch in their privileged pussies! Watch as blue blooded babes meet a purple headed rod in this steamy orgy sex party!
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09-30-2016 0 Jeremy's new lover Jack has a lot going for him; cute face, trim body, a nice thick cock and a gift for fellatio. He also makes adorable little grunting sounds when he's being fucked in the ass; always a major turn-on for a top like Jeremy.
09-30-2016 0 Jaymz has always had a thing for his sister's boyfriend Nate. So with his sister gone, Jaymz gets Nate alone and offers his stiff cock up for Nate to do with what he will. Nate is straight, but after Jaymz agrees to keep this little secret just between them, Nate decides to give himself in to some first time gay sex, and an ass pounding he will never forget!
09-30-2016 0 If you like a chick with spunk, have we got a show for you! Adriana learned to be loud on the mean streets of NYC but she learned how to be a freak in the sack out here in SoCal. She'd said that it'd been a long time since she's gotten any, but she's never gotten it like this before!... Listen to her destroy her vocal cords while we destroy her!
09-30-2016 0 If you've ever wondered what some wives do while their husbands are at work, this should give you a pretty good idea. Ashlee hooks up with a cute stud almost half her age and gives him the blowjob of his life. They laughed their way through this one and she got a good load all over herself. I wonder if she kissed her husband that night?
09-30-2016 0 It's always the wives that get things started when two curious couples decided to swap spouses and become a foursome of fuck friends! Mia and Sue swap spit and get to know every inch of each other's hot bodies before they swap hubbies and get their vertical smiles ferociously fucked by two colossal man-cudgels!
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09-30-2016 0 Because we're gonna spend so much time together, I'd like to get a little more personal Lexi suggested, Ok, what do you mean? asked Stephanie, well, Let's get comfortable for this, it might take a while...

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