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06-25-2016 0 Stonie's so hot he sizzles when he walks. We had this smokie on a platter smothered between 2 buns & covered with xtra sauce! For a few dollars more I'll let him lick the spoon!!
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06-25-2016 0 It's a simple plan...wait naked in the men's room and fuck the hell outta the first guy that walks in! But will the lucky latin lover loose face when Hilda reveals her meaty surprise package?
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06-25-2016 0 Tricking out a twink is as easy as teasing him with tales of runways and photo shoots. Wes was suspicious as soon as we suggested he slither out of his shirt and pants but he soon sucCUMbed to the scratch we offered him to strike a pose on our producer's prominent prick. Twinks, they cum for pay but stay for hot threeway play!!
06-25-2016 0 We got Italian cutie Gabriella with the promise of a little fun and wound up with a whole lot more! This pretty honey got more meat than a delicatessen but will she take her delivery in the rear? Tune in and find out!
06-25-2016 0 This isn't your mother's 'Tupperware' party! Sammie's invited some friends over to learn all about her favorite plastic tools, but these gadgets are more likely to end up in their ovens than their fridges. Once they've seen her goods, Sammie invites the honeys, and you, to stick around for some advanced lessons, enjoy!
06-25-2016 0 Gianna just got her nails done, so she was flaunting her pretty hands. We knew just the job to show them off. How about a quick HJ and a spot on a new reality show!
06-25-2016 0 When Brenden hit the showers after the big game he expected to get clean not down and dirty. He couldn't hide the chubby he got watching his teammates play with each other so he gave in and let them kiss his goal box until he was hot and steamy enough shoot and score.
06-25-2016 0 Melrose Foxx decided to come shake her delightfully delectable dairyer for us. And you know they say... Her milkshake brings all the guys to the yard!! We'd like to help do her body good by giving her a protein shake of our own?!?!? Watch as we flip it up, slap it, and rub it down .. Awh lawd.!!
06-25-2016 0 On the prowl for more greedy cuties to exploit, we find Brandie taking a stroll and lure her back to our lair. This mouthy redhead knows that we're loaded from the start, so we aren't too surprised that she's so open and accepting, not only to our charity, but also to some old timer cock!!
06-25-2016 0 Brooke the mechanic couldn't figure out what was wrong with Sam's car. Dissatisfied with the lack of a solution to his vehicular dilemma, Sam gave Brooke a choice: figure out what's wrong with my car, or suck my dick. Brooke chose the latter, and the rest is cum-stained history.
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06-25-2016 0 They're back and they have a plan. They're gonna stick it in slowly, then they're gonna work it out, then work it in, then work it back out slowly, then work it further in. Gabriella wanted to try our big black cocks, but she had no idea they were going to be this BIG...... Open wide, wider, keep going.
06-25-2016 0 After Jennifer eats Desire's ass like there's life-saving medicine in there, it's time for Desire to return the favor. The real fun doesn't start until they strap on some of the biggest dildos you'll ever see, and stretch each others' holes out like there's no tomorrow!
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06-25-2016 0 Welcome to a very special Porn Star edition of Blowjob Races!!! We proudly bring you 2 of our favorites- Amber Rayne, facial princess and Jack Vegas a true cum king! The odds are in their favor, not only have they both been in the industry for years they've worked together a few times too... Tune in to find out if these favs will be our next champs!
06-25-2016 0 While listening to music on their MP3 players and mobile phone, these hot bitches decide to hook up their OhMiBod, Naughtibod and Boditalk vibes to pump up this all hottie party. After pounding their wet pussies with the musical buzzsticks, these first time lesbians go diving into their sweet slits in this hot lesbian lick-fest that gives a new meaning to the term mobile porn!
06-25-2016 0 Beach bunny Kyle was up for showing us the sights, but the only sight we wanted to see was our fat cocks in his ass! Before he knew it this stud was smokin' pole and getting the rectal breach! This may be his first gay sex but we're damn sure it won't be his last!
06-25-2016 0 Thomas can't wait to get Corey back out in the field. Clay says he plays a lot of soccer and has an ass to match! With a line like that we just have to check him out. But this ass has a price and won't be had for less than $350. Worth the price for me!
06-25-2016 0 Just suck and get fucked, do the job, get the money. Take off your clothes, strike a pose, and hey, how about a prop or two? Ya, that big black veiny toy, that will make such a pretty picture against your white skin and tight pink asshole.
06-25-2016 0 Mark showed up after closing asking for a beer. The girls stuck by the rules... until Mark put enough cash down to bend the rules -- and the girls -- over backward. Then it was not only 'Show Time,' it was 'Blow Time' as well. It was also Fuck Time, and Spurt Your Jizz On Two Hot Teens Time, but you'll have to watch the scene to get the rest of that story.
06-25-2016 0 Don't you dare miss out on this deliciously dirty Ass Gonzo episode! We double team and double dip to devour Deniska's deep, dark, and pleasantly dry dens. Watch her wriggle and squirm while we stretch, flex, and pull her ass, gash, and hatch for our own gratification.
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06-25-2016 0 You don't have a boyfriend? asked Michelle. How long has it been since you've had sex? It's been at least a couple of months, said Sammie. But I thought you guys were just going to show me your rose bushes!
06-25-2016 0 Mischel the waitress is all about providing top notch customer service. She's always very 'open' with the clientele; open mouth, open pussy, open asshole... you name it, she opens it wide during this nasty five-way fuckfest.
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06-25-2016 0 Summer is an aspiring actress who admitted to liking older men. We couldn't resist wanting to help her out in both areas! We convinced her to come back to the pad and eventually coaxed this Kansas cutie to let us help her become a star... a porn star that is!
06-25-2016 0 After returning Devon's lost wallet, Maxine was happy to follow her and Marcus back to their place for a cash reward. When they arrived she was surprised that Devon asked Can I at least give you a thank-you kiss? She let Devon kiss her on the lips but her reward was about to get much, much wetter!

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