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05-04-2016 0 The blackness falls upon another unsuspecting white slut as pretty little Christy gets duped into letting the squad sample her fine ass! Watch this cute honey stretch her pretty pussy to the limit as she auditions for this episode of the Gang Bang Squad!
05-04-2016 0 This hot mama been flirting with me at the bank for months! "that all ya got to deposit sweetie?" that kinda shit, well today we called her bluff, and FUCK dude she went for it! We took her back to the pad and she fucked our brains out. She was totally nasty and took Cruz's massive cock in her ass! You should see the look on her face when he jammed it in there.
05-04-2016 0 Fresh-faced Filipino fuckdoll Leilani is filled with spunk. She loves to suck you long time and she loves the taste of her pussy, especially when its on your cock! Cum watch this Asian chick show you her Asian tricks.
05-04-2016 0 We found this slut cruising a porn shop, and we couldn't resist wanting an interview. She admitted that she was interested in anal sex, so we volunteered to help her out! Not sure if she saw that one coming, but she definitely saw us cumming - right on her face!
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05-04-2016 0 We found this sexy Asian slut shopping for bananas but we could tell that she was a meat-eater at heart, so we decided to be nice and let her try ours. This ditzy bitch didn't even smell a rat when we had both of her holes filled with our huge kielbasas; in fact, she even seemed to enjoy it! Cum watch!
05-04-2016 0 The daring damsels and their debonaire dates arrive at the house with some simple requests. drìnks and dick, not necessarily in that order. There's no beating around the bush here, but there IS EATING around the bush when the oral hors deurves are served up hot and steamy. This big kids petting zoo features rides - baloney pony rides, that is! (1 of 3)
05-04-2016 0 Skinny Pimp just moved to town with his girl and he's eager to make friends. When we invited him up for a drink he had no idea that the only thing being served was fresh shots of man-milk. He did his best to fit in, and it wasn't long before we were doing our best to fit in him.
05-04-2016 0 This week's hot little number is an aspiring piano player, but costly lessons are draining her pocket. By her looks, we know Samantha has better talents just waiting to be exploited. $900 later, her tune is changed and the youthful moans of pleasure and greed are music to our ears!
05-04-2016 0 Copious and kinky appetites cause a rise in arousal levels as the sun goes down and the heart rates speed up. Suckin's turned to fuckin' and the moans of ecstasy are unmistakable. The thump'n and bump'n the neighbors hear isn't cumming from the stereo, it's the beat of all the boppin' goin' in the back yard! (2 of 3)
05-04-2016 0 Dante helps James out with a ride, and James returns the favor by arousing him from his slumber with a blowjob. Now that's what I call a nice wake up call!
05-04-2016 0 This week we have for you the very lovely Giovanna. All was fun and game until someone ran out of cash and started betting things that he shouldn't. See sexy Giovanna's loser of a hubby lose it all and end up having to watch his wife get nailed by one homely looking Joe Friday.
05-04-2016 0 Jaymz is in a monogamous relationship because that's what his boyfriend wants but he often thinks about being promiscuous. After all, he's a spring chicken who shouldn't get cooped up so early. He's bigger than anyone he's ever been with so when we offered to show him what it's like on the receiving end of a HUGE COCK he just couldn't refuse.
05-04-2016 0 If you had Sophia as a houseguest in your living room on the pull-out couch and your wife was asleep upstairs could you resist? What if she was wearing a hot pink bikini and you could sense that she had been fingering herself all morning? Well this guy couldn't resist and ended up going balls deep on every orifice of her body. What would you have done?
05-04-2016 0 Jaymz has always had a thing for his sister's boyfriend Nate. So with his sister gone, Jaymz gets Nate alone and offers his stiff cock up for Nate to do with what he will. Nate is straight, but after Jaymz agrees to keep this little secret just between them, Nate decides to give himself in to some first time gay sex, and an ass pounding he will never forget!
05-04-2016 0 Ruby is a sexy slut who didn't need alot of coaxing to slurp clam ...but it helped! I lured her back to the house so I could savor her pink taco over and over and this sweet honey took no time to go lesbo and do me like she had a PHD! Watch another straight slut go down in this one!
05-04-2016 0 It's time for a theology lesson and in this reenactment, it is Adam who is going to get tempted by the serpent...the titanic trouser snake hanging between Sam's legs! Adam doesn't take a bite from the apple, but he sure is quick to slurp down Sam's massive meat and sample some sweet sodomy as he takes his first HUGE COCK!
05-04-2016 0 Joey is looking for a place to stay; he finds one quickly, but there was one long, thick, penis-shaped string attached: instead of paying rent, he has to offer up his tight little ass for Tomm to plow with his massive cock!
05-04-2016 0 It's time for a crash course in mouth to mouth resuscitation and Dick reviving. Marco and Rio are at the head of the class. Now throw in some nice ass massaging and we have a party! Cum see who gets left behind and who gets revived!
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05-04-2016 0 Out hunting for our next victim, we met Azor. We got him back to our place, but he didn't seem too keen on batting for the other team. Once he started sucking dick, though, he dropped his pants and let us de-virginize his tight ass! Now who's the fag, you anal slut?!
05-04-2016 0 We picked up a couple of guys at the local bathhouse but its your screen that'll steam up when you watch our threesome get down n' dirty in one hot hot hot shower!
05-04-2016 0 Milf seeking leads us to new adventures and new places! Dirt malls, late night strolls and now we've met up with the hottest Psychic we've seen, but we've got some special Psychic powers of our own, we see some hard nasty fucking in her future and we see you watching every dirty second of it, cum watch it...we know you will!!
05-04-2016 0 Maya is afraid she's fat! We think she's bootylicious but were still gonna give her ass a workout that'll leave her sore tomorrow! Don't miss all of the stretching and moaning and squatting we're gonna have her do to burn those unwanted calories.
05-04-2016 0 Isabella is aching to prove that she has talent for these new scouts to see. Boy does she have the talent for sucking cock and getting her tight pussy stuffed with man meat, just wave a little cash in front of these greedy sluts and they'll do whatever you want!
05-04-2016 0 Hayley would do anything to meet a rockstar. This dumb stench trench believed that we were marketing a new drumstick and needed a model... well we had a drum stick, only this drumstick pounded out sweet notes in her twat and blew thick man glue all over her face!
05-04-2016 0 Spending most of the night looking for some fresh meat we decided to call up Romeo. He is a hot piece of ass and much to our surprise he has never had a huge cock! Blasphemy we say! So we treat his tight ass to the beast between our legs!
05-04-2016 0 Camera man Ricco's got a hot new assistant and she's the perfect target for the dirty duo. They convinced the naive new-cummer that there's no better way of becoming a good director than by learning to get VERY comfortable in front of the camera. Guess what the ultimate test of comfort is?Cum inside and see...
05-04-2016 0 By the looks of Ryan one could say he likes being penetrated by foreign objects when you see all of his piercings. Obviously it was an opportune moment for this little dandy when we invited him hack to the apartment. Watch this softy gauge our cocks sizes with his asshole!!! Cum see it on in this episode of His First Huge Cock!
05-04-2016 0 Mateo will do anything for money, so when we offered him the chance to be on the receiving end of some stud's thick dick in exchange for some serious cash, he was more than willing to go gay for a shot at fame and fortune! Once the shoot started though, we decided to get the most for our money and give Mateo two cocks to for his mouth and one for his virgin asshole!
05-04-2016 0 Not only has this lady never had a large cock, she's never had an American cock! Let's show her how it's done in the good ol' USA! Watch this Redhead get a creamy White finish from our guy's Blue veined trouser snake!
05-04-2016 0 Little Anna couldn't believe the size of our phat dicks. She wanted to try a taste but was afraid to ask. Once she got started though there was no quenching her thirst. She surely got more than a mouthful. Once we started filling her holes to capacity she really started to groan. After being fucked by our twin towers this bitch will never walk right again!
05-04-2016 0 This couple owes rent, and now its time to pay up. They couldn't come up with the cash, so we took advantage of the situation, and of this sexy housewife slut. We banged her hard and gave her something sticky to remember us by. How's that for rent control?
05-04-2016 0 Renae is chilly and needs some warming, but watch out because she'll become Kilauea in no time. After a warm up balcony booty bounce, she goes inside without even dismounting and continues a ravenous romp that is rarely repeated on camera. If there were a panel of judges, she'd get ten's across the board for this not to be missed performance. This is a first rate fuck fiesta!
05-04-2016 0 Sexy mallrat Kinzy Jo met up with the Ding Dong duo to offer a little fashion advice, but ended up getting a tight ass makover from duo's meaty members! Watch Kinzy Jo get some much needed rectal resizing in this episode of Her First Anal Sex!!
05-04-2016 0 -EXCLUSIVE BEHIND THE SCENES EPISODE!- We've had some of the top names in the adult entertainment industry go in front of our cameras and we're going to share some of the candid moments, before they do what they do best, exclusively with you!
05-04-2016 0 Why not have a party before the party? That's what these two did, by enjoying each other's spit with shot glasses and straws. So messy and so sloppy, with bubbly white spit bubbles and more drool than you can imagine... You'll love the large amount of saliva they got worked up and passed back and forth!
05-04-2016 0 Eve Jordan and Serilla Lamante are as feminine as they come, but this is no "lipstick lesbian" scene; these honeys chow on each other like pie-eating contest champions, and take Clara's strap-on so deep, you almost expect it to poke out their mouths!
05-04-2016 0 These studs may have come to the studio for our wrap party, but when they spotted each other's hard bodies and thick packages, they couldn't wait to sneak off and sample what the other guy was packing! It's a two man gay college sex party that ends in cum-splattered fun!
05-04-2016 0 Grab an umbrella cuz we're about to get things real wet. We'll start by spitting on the bitch's face just to put her in her place. Then we'll give her just a drop on her ass before we shove a dildo in her tight and otherwise dry hole. If the humiliation doesn't moisten her maybe 5 well earned jizz loads will!
05-04-2016 0 Hola muchachos and welcome to a new year of lesbification! Sexy Sativa snared sexy strpper Mindy and went right to work showin' off her pussy proficiency and giving those sexy curves the attention they deserved! Watch our newest vagitarian in this one!
05-04-2016 0 We decided to play cupid with two friends whom we figured to be perfect for one other because, he's horny, and she's easy! We promised that they'd have a good time, but only if they let us watch. We saw their chemistry ignite into a intensely savory session of sexual delights, and so can you.
05-04-2016 0 We were a little upset that Melanie and Kissy got started working on each other's tight WET PUSSIES before we got there, but when we arrived with our HUGE COCKS, the honeys were more than willing to try our big thick dicks on for size!
05-04-2016 0 Pretty Misty enjoys riding horses and a good fucking...2 great things that should go great together! The brothas and their Clydesdale sized whangs gave this camo'd slut a reason to salute and a sore ass souvenir to remember em by! Don't miss this one!
05-04-2016 0 Bailey was a little sad that she didn't get anything special for Valentine's Day, so we decided to give this hot bitch her first taste of deep double dicking! We DP this slut with our huge cocks, piercing her pussy and ass with our man spears until we finally blow our huge loads all over her round tits!
05-04-2016 0 Skinny Mini here doesn't look like she'd be able to fit such large objects in her pretty little teen pussy but she's a talented girl! On the other hand she has barely legal blow job skills - but we love making em' gag! We also love showing them who's boss!
05-04-2016 0 Lorenzo is selling newspaper subscriptions door to door, but the only thing Johnny wants to subscribe to is Lorenzo's backdoor! It's his first time to saddle up to the one eyed pony, but Johnny doesn't have a pony. He's got a stallion! Spread it wide Lorenzo and get ready to ride into the depths of hot gay porn!
05-04-2016 0 When librarians Kayme and TJ decide to have a roll in the hay with another couple, TJ is adamant about one thing. Attractive is Goddamn mandatory he chortles, We are NOT having sex with ugly people! Holly and Jarod more than cut the muster, all trepidation flies out the window, and it's soon time to wife switch!
05-04-2016 0 Skanks be warned!!! Here dwell the greatest gladiators of the sex arena. We who are about to bone salute you! Enter the hardcore world of The Insane Cock Brothas. No woman that crosses our path shall leave from us unscathed. Enter now for your destiny awaits at a front row seat in our gladiatorial arena. Will this week's skank stick to her guns or will she fall victim to the power of the almighty 24inch wang?
05-04-2016 0 If you like a chick with spunk, have we got a show for you! Adriana learned to be loud on the mean streets of NYC but she learned how to be a freak in the sack out here in SoCal. She'd said that it'd been a long time since she's gotten any, but she's never gotten it like this before!... Listen to her destroy her vocal cords while we destroy her!

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